Bay Area Tutorial Policy and Procedures for New Clients

Since our primary goal is to have our students completely learn, retain and master the course
material for which they are responsible, we have established a number of guidelines and
procedures designed to maximize the likelihood of complete success. Please read the following very
carefully to insure a problem-free group of lessons and refer to it as often as necessary.

                                          Frequency Of Lessons

Students who take lessons the same day and time each week catch up three to four times faster
than those who skip one or two lessons a month. With this in mind, WE REQUIRE EACH STUDENT
regularly scheduled weekly appointments, WE REQUIRE YOU TO MAKE UP THE MISSED LESSON
IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING THREE WAYS: 1) Have a make-up lesson later in the week. 2) Have
an extra lesson the following week. 3) Have longer lessons during the next few weeks. By so doing,
the student will not be delayed in making progress and our mutual goal of complete success can be

Student Sign-In Sheets     

We keep track of tutoring the student’s sign-in sheet. Your tutor will use a new sign-in sheet each
month. Your tutor must bring the sign-in sheet to each lesson and have both you and he sign on the
line showing the date and time of the lesson. Please call us immediately at
925-779-1660 if the tutor
fails to bring one to each lesson to be signed.

Payment For Lessons         

The full payment is due after each lesson. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You may use credit card,
check, cash or money order to pay the tutoring fee. If you pay by check or money order, ALWAYS
make it payable directly to Bay Area Tutorial. If you choose to pay via credit card, payment
arrangements MUST be made in advance with Bay Area Tutorial prior to providing tutoring service.  
Bay Area Tutorial will debit customer’s account after each completed session upon tutor’s
confirmation of service.  Bay Area Tutorial will also agree to schedule weekly or monthly payment
plans. However, monthly payments MUST be made in advance for the number of scheduled hours
of tutoring for each month. See previous section Frequency of Lessons for missed, canceled or
make-up hours.

If you prefer a payment plan, we only accept
VISA, Master Card or Discover Card and we will need
your debit/credit card number with expiration date. Your account will be debited on a weekly or bi-
weekly basis.  When your account is due, you will receive an authorization email with confirmation
number, amount debited, dates tutored, etc.

The CLIENT RATE PER THIS CONTRACT IS:    $_______________ / hour

CLIENT'S SIGNATURE __________________________________________________

TUTOR'S SIGNATURE __________________________________________________

DATE  ______________________________

                                               The First Lesson

The first lesson is crucial in setting the stage for a successful tutoring relationship. First, if required,
the tutor will administer a comprehensive diagnostic test to assess and evaluate your child's
knowledge. This 20 to 40 minute written and oral test is immediately graded upon completion. While
your child takes the test, the tutor examines all available school quizzes, exams and homework
assignments to obtain additional information. At the end of the lesson, your tutor will have a
consultation with you and will make recommendations regarding your child's needs to achieve
complete success. You and the tutor will then decide on a weekly schedule that best meets your
child's needs and your means.  If your tutor fails to conduct the first lesson in this manner, please
call us immediately at
925-779-1660 or email: <Crystal J.
White, Administrative Coordinator>
to let us know.

                                            Canceling Lessons

If you ever need to cancel or change a tutoring appointment, you must contact your tutor directly
24 hours in advance or no later than the evening before the lesson. For
example, to cancel or change a lesson scheduled for Wednesday, you must contact your tutor
directly no later than Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 PM. So, make sure you have your tutor's name and
phone number and keep them in a safe, readily accessible place to use whenever needed. Also,
make sure both you and your tutor have the same lesson day, time and length in mind when you
agree on a tutoring schedule.

If you cancel or change a scheduled appointment after 3:00 PM the day before the lesson or if you
fail to show up for a lesson, NO MATTER WHAT THE circumstances, you will be charged a
cancellation fee of one full hour for the missed lesson. You will then be expected to give your tutor
the cancellation fee at the next lesson in addition to the regular tutoring fee due for that lesson (i.e.
If the fee is $60.00/hr., then you pay $60.00 cancellation fee + $60.00 for the next lesson).
However, if you are on a payment plan, this will be included on the next billing cycle.

The reason for this policy is simple. Calling the tutor at least one day prior to an appointment to
cancel or change it gives him the opportunity to offer his time to another student. If, on the other
hand, you cancel or change after 3:00 PM the day before the appointment or if the student does not
show up for the appointment, then the tutor has no way to fill the time in question with another

In turn, we expect our tutors to observe the same degree of consideration we expect from you. If
your tutor ever cancels or changes an appointment without giving you at least one day's notice, fails
to show up for a lesson or does not arrive at the appointed time, call us immediately at
We will then have a frank discussion with the tutor so that this will not happen again up to
terminating and replacing the assigned tutor for any recurrences.

                                           Returned Checks

Our tutoring service is based on mutual trust. This means you trust us to provide professional tutors
and we trust your promissory notes, i.e. checks, to pay for that service. If a check is returned by our
bank unpaid, you will be charged a $15.00 processing fee per check. You must then issue a money
order or certified check to cover both the face value of the returned checks and the $15.00
processing fee for each returned check.

                                     Should You Need Us Again

If you need us again in the future and you'd like the same tutor or even another tutor, please give
us a call at 925-779-1660. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can.  However, no previously
employed BAT, Inc tutor can schedule sessions or make contact with the client as an independent
contractor after services has been terminated EXCEPT through BAT. Also, all client-tutoring
referrals must be made through BAT.

Client’s Signature  _________________________________________

Date      ________________

Tutor’s Signature  _________________________________________

Date      ________________